A Wide Array of Welding Needs from Fusion 13

Add custom personalization to your product by incorporating custom-made metal art.

We are able to design and cut out any shape, alphabet, character, pattern or illustration in size of your choice using our state-of-the-art software and 5 x 10 CNC plasma table. Using these tools we are able to create custom one-of-a-kind pieces such as hitch covers, address numbers, family plaques, car club plaques, wall art, miscellaneous mechanical components, lighting designs, business signs and much more using various Metals/materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, copper and brass.


Custom Designed Gate Operators

We offer an install a full line of both Swing and Slide gate operators. Choosing the right product for you depends on your particular gate needs and specifications. Things like gate design, gate length, and gate weight will help us choose the right product for you. We offer both solar-powered units, as well as 110 volt hard-wired kits. Custom features can be added to any kit such as keypad entry, safety Loops, exit Loops, exit wands, proximity cards, intercom entry, remotes and more.













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